Metal Roof Restorations Frankston

Metal roofs are widely used in more traditional regions of Victorian suburbs. But nowadays, for durability and quality, many new homes are returning to metal roofs too.

We use Colorbond steel for metal roofing which is the leader in the steel industry of Australia, providing the best roofing metal for Australian conditions.

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Metal Roofing Service

Our Frankston Metal Roofing Service Includes:

  • Fixing the loose sheets with new single screws
  • Polishing off the rust
  • Secure and replace rusty single screws with new ones
  • High-pressure water cleaning
  • Apply anti-corrosion primer
  • Apply three layers of metal roofing

The above procedures have been developed to withstand the harsh conditions in South Australia.

This is an alternative to the expensive cost of re-roofing.

Best Metal Roof Company in Frankston

If you are looking for quality, longevity and professionalism – Pro Roof Restoration Frankston is the name you are looking for!

As for our home and property, there should be no room for mistakes. After all, we spend our most precious and memorable moments here. Naturally, we want to feel the best in our personal space.

To have a haven, we need to make sure it’s always safe and secure. And what is more important than a long-lasting, energy-efficient metal roof?

If your house doesn’t have a proper roof, you’re probably wasting a lot of energy and money with electricity bills. What’s more, in floods or other severe weather conditions, your home is likely to be damaged, which can result in additional costs.

Pro Roof Restoration Frankston - Your Safest Choice

We are local metal roof contractors, with 35 YEARS of combined experience. We offer a fast and quality service for any problems with the roof in your home or property.

On top of this, we have licensed QBSA builders with a 10-year labour guarantee.

You can rest assured that you always make the right choice with us. Our family business has the most reliable roofing contractors in Frankston. Our staff includes highly experienced and responsible workers who will do everything they can to make your home/property functional and beautiful at the same time.

Collaborating with Architects and Builders

Our business is a long-established business, but it continues to grow. Now and then, customers hire us to carry out new, EXCITING AND DEMANDING projects that we always like. In some cases, we participate in our work with our architects and builders to be able to serve best.

So if your home or property needs refurbishing, but if a new roof isn’t the only thing that needs to be built, you don’t have to worry. We will work with our experienced partners and offer you SPECIAL SOLUTIONS for your home.

Updating Your Property With Metal Roof

Many landlords and property investors contact us to install a new metal roof on their old property. They know that a metal roof is VERY USEFUL and that a high-quality, long-lasting roof is an investment.

If you are not sure that your existing roof needs to be replaced, you should check its status first.

Here’s what you need to look for:
Water damage
Chipped or discoloured areas
Small cracks in the outer layer

Also, if there are bad weather conditions in your area, there is a possibility of exposure to the consequences of your roof. Over time, it will be damaged. Initial signs should not be ignored. The Sooner – The Better.

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